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There are many TEE books, of which I own most.
Listed below are those which present the most value for the price. They are very different books, and compliment each other nicely.

Bob & Sol's TEE Book
Sidebotham TEE Book
Otto TEE Book
Gallagher TEE Book
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Savage & Aronson:
Solid Base For Review

Comprehensive Textbook of Intraoperative Transesophageal Echocardiography
Robert M Savage & Solomon Aronson (Editors)
716 pages, Over 1000 full color illustrations and images.
Extensive bibliography, Chapter review questions (with answers).
Hardbound, 2004

One text cannot do it all, but this one tries.

Bob & Sol's (Having attended so many of their courses, I will take this liberty) book seems to have two goals: Clinical use of TEE in the cardiac operating room; and passing the "Echo Exam." It certainly meets the first goal, and may well the second (see longer review).

The GOOD: Over a hundred contributing authors, each an expert in the given topic. Concise, clear, small chapters are of an optimal size to be studied in an evening. This is important, as it gives a sense of progress in a very complex subject which at times seems overwhelming. It also makes going back to review a particular point quite easy. The majority of illustrations are simply superb.

The BAD: Over a hundred contributing authors, each an expert in the given topic: Thus some repetition and inconsistency. The chapter on MV assessment is too big, should have been split into several. This chapter, while containing some of the most valuable information, also contains the most errors, and is the most difficult in which to rapidly find something for quick review.

The UGLY: There is no excuse for not having a video disk with this text; The book is specifically dedicated to TEE in the OR, and this venue is heavily dependent upon the rapid interpretation of dynamic imaging.

The ODD: An appendix which is a useful compendium of echocardiographic tables, but which has perforated pages. Perhaps some would rip out the pages from a two-hundred dollar book? For me, it simply means I had to run tape along the pages to keep them from tearing loose.

NB: Listed as 816 pages on Amazon, but has 716 (including index, but not the 29 page appendix). Also, Amazon stated "An enclosed CD-ROM includes full-color TEE videos and multiple-choice questions and answers for self-assesment [sic] and exam preparation." I did not receive such with my copy purchased directly from Lippincott. I have written Lippincott for clarification of this, but have not heard back. I suspect that the CD was dropped at the last minute, though, as noted above, a video disk clearly should be included with a text of this sort.

You cannot go wrong by purchasing this book (with or without the mystery disk) as it gives an extensive, clear, in-depth introduction to transesophageal echo in the operating room. Additionally, given that the many of the authors of the exam are also authors of this book I expect this would be a good core around which to build a review program. There is a more extensive review here.

I bought it. I recommend it.

Absolute Best Value

Practical Perioperative Transoesophageal Echocardiography
David Sidebotham
254 pages, Black & White illustrations, Greyscale images.
CD with color images and TEE QuickTime movies included with the book.
Paperback, 2003

Aimed at developing clinical competence in TEE as used in the operating room.

“Practical PeriOp TOE” is a comprehensive introduction to actual use of TOE/TEE in the operating room and SICU. Mastering the book will give you both a solid basis for clinical competency, as well as fine preparation for the “PTEeXAM” exam. The accompanying CD is more than worth the price alone.

The GOOD: Generally clear and well organized with an excellent index. There must be hundreds of well-done illustrations and images. Oh yes, did I mention that it comes with a fine CD which has QuickTime TEE videos on it – and that TEE is anatomy in motion?

The BAD: Hemodynamic TEE calculations are presented in a very formal, very dry, and often obscure fashion. Anyone who has ever suddenly awakened at the end of a math class will feel right at home with this section. Gallagher is has a much more straightforward approach to the math.

The UGLY: The CD movies need QuickTime 5 or greater to run within the web-browser interface. The installer requires, on some systems, administrative privileges, on all it will overwrite previous versions – which may not be what you want.

NB: Listed as 288 pages on Amazon, but has 254 (excluding index). Also, Amazon lists the title as “Practical Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography” - though it really is a “TOE” not a “TEE” book, being from the UK.

This book is so well done and clearly presented that I indexed my quick reference "TEE Card" to it.

CD Included !  

Most Comprehensive
Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography (3rd Edition)
Catherine Otto
525 pages, Black & White and Color illustrations and images
Hardcover, 2004

Aimed at developing understanding of, and competence in, both TEE and TTE.

“Clinical Echo” is a comprehensive introduction to both Transesophageal and Transthoracic echocardiography. In spite of the title, it does have quite a lot of theoretical and basic science information on echo – though certainly not as much as her more massive “The Practice of Clinical Echocardiography”.

The GOOD: Excellent organization and presentation. The illustrations seem to have been completely redone from the previous edition and are much more clear and useful as a result. Rather than being presented strictly within the context of perioperative and critical care medicine the wider world of echo is explored. A step beyond most “clinical” books.

The BAD: As with Sidebotham, hemodynamic calculations are not presented as clearly as they could be (and as they are in Gallagher). There are also many algorithms (which I know took many hours to develop) but which, never having been much of an algorithm sort, just take up space – as do the laundry lists of exams for different conditions.

The UGLY: Some of the illustrations are mislabeled, which seems a growing problem in recent texts and is likely related to computerization of the process.

NB: Listed as 528 pages on Amazon, but has 525 (excluding index).

Best Hemodynamic Calculations

Board Stiff TEE: Transesophageal Echocardiography
Christopher Gallagher
187 pages, Black & White illustrations
Paperback, 2004

Aimed at passing the “PTEeXAM” exam.

The first hurdle in taking the echo board competency exam is figuring out which test to take. Next is figuring out the prerequisites. Both of these steps are needlessly complex as they reflect the “Trade Protectionism” of currently boarded (or testamentured) practioners. “Board Stiff TEE” won’t help with all this, but will help with the last step of the process: passing the exam.

The GOOD: “Board Stiff TEE” covers all the exam topics listed by the National Board of Echocardiography in sufficient detail to do well. The plentiful TEE schematic drawings are clear and helpful. This book has the very best treatment of hemodynamic TEE calculations that I have encountered.

The BAD: As a result of following a list of the PTEeXAM exam topics “Board Stiff TEE” is somewhat disorganized and repetitive. The humor wears thin, especially on rereading. I found myself crossing out whole paragraphs so that I did not waste time starting to read them. Being oriented to passing a test, it does not go into much depth on any subject.

The UGLY: Pricey for what it offers.

NB: Listed as 352 pages on Amazon, but has 187 (excluding index)

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