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TEE Quick Reference Card

Our wildly popular Quick Reference laminated card for use in the demanding environments of the OR, the ICU, or the ER.
No unnecessary minutia. The TEE Card shows the views you need NOW of structures, velocity patterns, and the few really useful TEE equations that can make a difference in the immediate care of your patient ...
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The TEE Card ™

TEE Card

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Regional Block Card
Block Card med n
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Compact reference card for the Twenty Views of the comprehensive Intraoperative TEE Exam - as jointly established by the American Society of Echocardiography and the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists.
The TEE-20 Card shows, on one side, the views which define this examination. The other side has the tables you need to quickly determine the severity of a valvular lesion, along with some essential hemodynamic formulae.
This is a perfect companion when studying for the Echo Exam, as this is all information that you need to know COLD ...
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The TEE-20 Card

TEE 20 Card

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Ultrasound Guided Bedside Regional Block Card

Our new handy guide to the rapid, safe, and successful performance of ultrasound guided nerve blocks.
Concise text, clear illustrations, and actual ultrasound images help you to quickly master this new standard of regional anesthesia.
As with our other clinical cards, there are no obscure, rarely used, or difficult to perform procedures. No unnecessary minutia. The illustrated blocks were chosen for their wide clinical application, and for suitability of enhanced performance with ultrasound guidance.
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USG Block Card

USG Block Card

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